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How to Have a Personal Experience with the Universe

One of the programs I manage at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is Project ASTRO.  The basic idea of Project ASTRO is to partner volunteer astronomers with classroom teachers.  Each astronomer visits their teachers classroom multiple times during the … Continue reading

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Changing Minds, Changing Hearts

A recent blog post by Mark McCaffrey on the NCSE website (, got me thinking about how scientists communicate about their scientific research.  Basically, the blog reflected on John Muir and how he was able to effectively convey the awe … Continue reading

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Changing Minds

” Be very, very careful what you put in that head because you will never ever get it out.” – Attributed to Thomas Cardinal Wolsey (b 1473, d 1530) Take a moment to think about what you know about the … Continue reading

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The Eclipses of October

Twice a year, the geometry of the Sun-Earth-Moon system brings the three bodies into alignment, causing the circumstances leading to solar and lunar eclipses. For viewers in North America, October 2014 features the chance to see both: a total eclipse … Continue reading

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Finding Perspective and Meaning with the Moon

A couple years ago, the theme for the annual International Observe the Moon Night was “What does the Moon mean to me?”  Expressing meaning can take a lot of forms, most of them in the form of stories.  Humans have long told … Continue reading

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