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Feats Above

That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.  – Neil Armstrong This is the moon landing of free soloing.  – Tommy Caldwell Driving around a corner, you go through a tunnel.  Coming out, it is all … Continue reading

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Lunar Inspiration

From December 2018 through July 2019, the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first missions where humans orbited, then landed, on the Moon.  A total of nine Apollo missions went to the Moon and returned safely to Earth.  … Continue reading

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The Heroes Who Shape the Future

Along with many others, this past weekend I saw the film Interstellar.  I found it a visual masterpiece, with a story of perseverance and hope for the future.  In the early parts of the film the hope was not evident … Continue reading

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Finding Perspective and Meaning with the Moon

A couple years ago, the theme for the annual International Observe the Moon Night was “What does the Moon mean to me?”  Expressing meaning can take a lot of forms, most of them in the form of stories.  Humans have long told … Continue reading

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